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Richard Sussman - The Evolution Suite / MUSIC ^ ZOOM review

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A disk rather unusual this keyboardist and composer Richard Sussman, author of a crossover project for jazz quintet and string quartet, both together to explore new worlds without stopping to look at fences and categories. The use of synthesizers and sounds from the computer makes it even more special music. That's how I began Movement Into the Cosmic Kitchen, with mysterious noises that appear to come from space, which gradually give way to the Sirius String Quartet. It is an encounter from which triggered sparks, moments from jazz rock along the strings that do nothing to deny their classical origin. It is a perfect amalgam, a brilliant move by the composer, who seems to really find the right formula to get everyone to agree. Hot solo by tenor saxophonist Rich Perry, an instrumentalist enormous musicality, gives a new dimension to the music. The solo next Scott Wendholt on trumpet and that of Zach Brock special guest electric violin make this song a moment that excites the audience, clapping in the background before the solo leader of the piano. The rhythm is made up of Mike Richmond on bass and electric bass and Anthony Pinciotti on drums. The Sirius Quartet consists Fung Chen Hwei and Gregor Hubner to violins, viola and Lawrence Ron Jeremy Harman cello. The integration process between strings and jazz combo continues on the second movement of the suite, Relaxin 'at Olympus, again with a beautiful solo by tenor saxophone. It is an ambitious project that works, that brings together without embarrassment infuences arriving by music with different roots and the end is a challenge that Sussman win without problems. Il`materiale available is so, but the fusion of different elements work without fractures, in fact, the dialogue between the quartet of strings and electronic succeeds very inspiring, in this context, both the solos of the soloists of the jazz combo that those of an exceptional Zach on Nexus, a violinist at Ponty, which fit perfectly with the electric bass of Richmond, giving new accents and colors to the music. The Evolution Suite and the final Revolution are one of the most interesting moments of the year. A disc with many surprises and new ideas.