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'Freaky Friday' The Musical will run until June 30th, at the Erie Playhouse /

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Freaky Friday the Musical is now dazzling audiences on the LECOM stage. With more than 30 cast members in the production, the show provides an endless number of laughs from those "Oh, so awkward biology moments" … to heartwarming advice sibling to sibling. The show is the tale most of us know, both mothers, Katherine Blake and daughter, Ellie Blake switch bodies for the day. Ultimately coming to understand and appreciate one another.

Bill Speros, who plays Mike, Katherine fiance in the show is no stranger to the LECOM stage. Speros says he was involved with the playhouse growing up and then got out of it. The father of four says his kids are to thank for his re-found involvement "The convinced me to go audition for a play last summer and I got a part," said Speros. "I re-fell in love with the whole process. "

Speros said the Playhouse has given him the ability to not only do something that brings him joy but also allow him to work alongside his 7 -year-old son, William, who plays Fletcher Blake. "Just watching him every day learn and improve and have fun," said Speros. "Just really become part of the Playhouse family has been great." The show contains about six spunky dance numbers, and the master behind choreography is Melissa J Dixon. The Erie native first got involved with the Playhouse in 5th grade. Dixon would later go on to have an 11-year dancing career with Disney. "It's a fascinating correlation that I'm so honored to have been asked to choreograph a show and that it happens to tie into those Disney roots that have been such a wonderful career for me," said Dixon.

Dixon says the talent and enthusiasm to perform from the cast has been wonderful. "Gives me such great joy to be here and work with these guys," said Dixon. "They have definitely left an indelible mark on my heart and I suspect they'll do that same on the Erie community."

Freaky Friday The Musical will run until June 30th, at the Erie Playhouse.