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Listen, and watch the director; he's great / The Tech

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During Leipzig week in Boston, MIT student Erica Weng witnessed in Symphony Hall, Andris Nelsons and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, perform music by Bach, Schumann, Sean Shepherd, and Mendelssohn. This was her first BSO convert and she wrote a review.

Is the average age of the orchestral audience increasing? It definitely doesn't seem to be decreasing. When you're the youngest member in the audience, it's hard but to notice that the sea of heads in the audience are mostly white or graying. I wonder how long it will be before orchestral music disappears entirely from the front of live musical performance, and then all we'll be left with are rave-like pop concerts with obnoxious blasting music and flashing lights.

At MIT, I imagine only a fraction of us care a thing about orchestral music; and then, a tinier fraction of those actually would actually go see an orchestra concert. I would like to guess that many audience members of such a performance have previous experience playing an orchestral instrument. (All those I asked during the concert responded in the affirmative - but I'll admit my sample size was a mediocre three people.)

I'll admit, I personally don't rave about orchestra music. This was my first BSO concert, and I spent most of the performance fixated on the director - who goes by the extremely sophisticated appellation, Andris Nelsons - rather than on the actual music.