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Ofra Harnoy gets 'Back to Bach' / New Classical Tracks

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Whatever happened to cellist Ofra Harnoy? She made 42 recordings and was touring 10 months out of the year two decades ago. Then, she fell off the classical radar. In talking with Ofra recently, she told me she took time off to raise two beautiful children and to care for her late mother who became ill with leukemia.

When Ofra was ready to return to her busy performing schedule, she discovered she had developed a serious shoulder injury that required major reconstructive surgery. Then, something magical happened. She was reunited with her childhood sweetheart, Mike Herriott. Mike, to whom she's now married, is also a professional musician. And he played a very important role in Ofra's recovery. "It was strange because after we got back together, I actually had the courage to start practicing again after the long recovery that I endured," Harnoy says. "I was starting basically with just two minutes a day, not knowing how long it would take me to regain my strength. But, within a few months, I realized, Oh, my goodness! I'm completely back and stronger than ever! And very excited to come back to my career."

Ofra Harnoy is reactivating her career with a new recording with her husband. It's called Back to Bach.