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Richard Sussman - The Evolution Suite / Jazz Weekly review

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Richard Sussman brings his piano and electronics int the mix of a jazz ensemble with Scott Wendholt/tp-fh, Rich Perry/ts, Mike Richmond/b and Anthony Pinciotti/dr with The Sirius Quartet of Gregor Huebner/v, Fun Chern Hwei/v, Ron Lawrence/vi, Jeremy Harman/c and Zach Brock ev. The 5 Movement Suite and "Preevolution" conclusion mixes various moods.

The moody strings of "Movement I" mix with piano to go from pastoral to dramatic, while Perry's tenor pleads between the strings and bass on "Movement II." Urgent slashes of strings with Wendholt's horn give hints of Stravinsky in "Movement III" while Pinciotti's drums lead the way to a post-bopping "Perpetual Motion" on " Movement V." The concluding movement is the most extroverted, funky and wild, with the rhythm team working overtime. While the suite is dedicated to evolution, you can't help appreciating the Intelligent Design of this album.

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