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Women Warriors: The Voices of Change releases; 'Prologue & Chapter 1 - 'The Long Road'

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Prologue - The Long Road podcast

Women Warriors: The Voices of Change is a thrilling multimedia concert performed by Orchestra Moderne NYC, and features the music of eight renowned female film composers. Presenting 800 years of women fighting for human rights and equality, this 80-minute interactive symphonic experience features historical visuals of activists from the past to present day. 

We live in a time of great hope for change, in a time where women's voices will no longer be silenced, or ignored. As we rip off the band-aid that has been covering up many unhealed wounds from our past, the time is now to learn from that past, and through awareness create a healthier society, where equality becomes the norm, and where diverse voices are no longer marginalized, but celebrated. The concert ‘Prologue' shares both visually and sonically, the power of women and the breathtaking groundswell of the collective experience.

As Lolita Ritmanis sat down to begin the process of composing an original symphonic work to support Chapter One of Women Warriors: The Voices of Change, the powerful subject of women throughout history seemed a daunting task to write for. How does one comment musically on such a broad overview of the collective "long road," while paying homage to individual achievements, obstacles, and battles won and lost? Chapter One could not merely support the visuals we will see on the screen. This work needed to make its own statement, present its own purpose within the body of the concert. ‘The Long Road' needed to feature individual voices within a sea of collective voices and Ritmanis chose to compose a double concerto, featuring four unique voices: flute, violin, french horn, and cello. Throughout Chapter One, the quartet shines a light through the orchestra celebrating women warriors of the past, their journeys throughout history, and the living, breathing road that we are all paving together today.

READ THE FULL Medium ARTICLE & Listen to the Featured Podcast for Week 7.22.2019: ‘Prologue' & Chapter One ‘The Long Road' with Music By Lolita Ritmanis.