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John Scofield play Amsterdam's Bimhuis TONIGHT!!

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John Scofield heard for years in the top three jazz guitarists, alongside Pat Metheny and Bill Frisell. His Uberjam Project mixes jazz with contemporary beats and electronics. 'Sco' feels like a fish in the water at these musicians, who play just as tight on the beat as the best funk bands. John Scofield has played with Miles Davis in 1985. Following the example of his teacher, he combined jazz with funk, rock and hip-hop beats on the successful albums Uberjam (2002) and Up All Night (2003). Now he is back with the same band in which rhythm guitarist Avi Bortnick stoke the fire with adventurous electronic effects.

Scofield and Uberjam play at Bimhuis TONIGHT!! Saturday Nov. 9th  at 8:15pm in Amsterdam, Netherlands