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KING-FM has a new home with the Seattle Opera / RADIOWORLD

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KING-FM had occupied its studios in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle for more than two decades when its landlord informed management that the building would be torn down for condos. The station began looking for a new long-term home.

Meanwhile the Seattle Opera had just moved into a new nearby building on the Seattle Center campus near the Space Needle, a building with multiple performance venues and space set aside on the second floor for a future tenant. Their desired tenant would be aligned with the goals of the arts community and pay rent that would help the opera meet operational costs of its $60 million facility.

The space was a perfect fit for Seattle's famous nonprofit, listener-supported classical music station. KING-FM. CEO Brenda Barnes said in 2019, "We are thrilled to be moving into this beautiful space, and to be in such close proximity to one of our most important partners." The station moved in February 2020.