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Regina Carter - Southern Comfort / The Oakland Tribune review

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The Great Migration that saw some 6 million African-Americans leave the rural South for urban destinations in the North and West wasn't always a one way journey. Many of the black children brought up in cities like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles ended up spending vacations with family back in the South, which is how Regina Carter came by her recollections of warm and molasses-slow Alabama summer.

Born in Detroit in 1966, the celebrated jazz violinist had 13 aunts and uncles on her father's side of the family, and she got to know some of them and her grandmother on summer visits. Her new blues- and folk-steeped album Southern Comfort (Sony Masterworks) is a highly evocative musical journey into her Alabama roots, with several detours along the way. Pick up this week's copy of The Oakland Tribune to read the full article.