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Red Hot + Bach / Bass Musician Magazine review

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As a small child, I was surrounded by music and at an early age I found myself fascinated with the musical genius, Johan Sebastian Bach. I remember we were in a music store in Boulder, Colorado and they were playing a new LP entitled, Switched On Bach, where Walter Carlos was performing classic Bach pieces on Moog Synthesizer. I purchased the album, and all following Moog records I could find afterwards.

If you are wondering where I am going with this, let me get to my point… J.S. Bach really understood music. The intricate patterns and compositional choices he made were at a superior level and have transcended through the ages. I believe that every musician should experience this music in-depth to gain insight into what is creatively possible. Better yet, one might grasp that there is still so much  unexplored, potential music at ones fingertips, if you only reach for it.

That brings us to Red Hot + Bach, where we have an updated, superb performance of nineteen classic Bach pieces. This CD is not just someone else playing the pieces verbatim, but they have taken this timeless music and made it their own. The CD is a collaborative effort of a veritable army of exceptional musicians, DJ's and producers that bring this music alive, using their specific instruments and making interpretive choices that rise above simply playing the music. READ THE FULL Bass Musician Magazine REVIEW.