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Pedrito Martinez to play MN's Dakota Jazz Club / MPR

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On his band's new self-titled recording, Pedrito Martinez offers a bit of homespun wisdom, urging his audience to live conscious lives and avoid arrogance.

"Be patient," he sings, "triumph is in consistency."

Martinez, who is 40, could well be offering advice to a much younger self. When he arrived in the United States from Cuba in his early 20s, he had great skills on the congas and two-headed batá drum, but thought he knew it all.

During a jam session with Latin jazz bandleader Brian Lynch soon after his arrival, Martinez realized he had much to learn - not the least of which was how to read music.

After mastering his art and learning how to play in any setting, he has become a sought-after percussionist for recording sessions and tours and a must-see show in New York, where jazz musicians and aficionados are celebrating his work.

But jazz explains only part of the magic of the Pedrito Martinez Group. On Wednesday, the band brings its explosive mix of traditional and modern Cuban music - and the sounds of Havana's streets - to the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis July 2nd. READ THE FULL Minnesota Public Radio ARTICLE.