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Building multiplatform radio. WGBH drops the W / RADIOWORLD

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Beyond Broadcast: GBH: Boston general manager Pam Johnston discusses how to pivot to multiplatform radio

Like all of our stations east of the Mississippi River, GBH's radio and TV call letters started with a "W." WGBH recently rebranded to GBH to reflect the growing reality of the digital era beyond broadcast. Today, more than half of GBH's total impressions are digital. As the world moves from the age of broadcast to the era of streaming, we've decided to drop the W from our name to reflect this shift in how we connect with our audiences.

Why should traditional radio broadcasting adapt to this digital era?

As we all know, the broadcast audience is changing. Largely due to the pandemic and a marked decrease in commuter listening in the last six months, overall broadcast listeners have shifted habits. At the same time, the streaming audience is growing and the social media audience is exploding.

How can we get radio listeners to know about and consume broadcast content online?

Although many of the things associated with broadcast are evolving, one thing remains constant, and that is high-quality content.

Here are three ways via RADIOWORLD to pivot to multiplatform radio while keeping quality storytelling at the core.
Photo by Meredith Nierman