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NetNebraska has 15 questions for Lara Downes

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Lara Downes is known for her eclectic presentations of the piano repertoire – from iconic favorites to newly-commissioned works – her performances bridge musical genres and traditions, and engage a wide range of audiences with what San Francisco Classical Voice has called "an elegant example of how accessibility and a breezy relevance can exist, organically, in a classical music concert." On March 1, 2019, Downes releases a new album, Holes in the Sky, on Portrait, an imprint of the Sony Music Masterworks label. A genre-fluid collection of music written and performed by today's leading female artists, celebrating the contributions of phenomenal women to the past, present, and future of American music, Holes in the Sky tells the story of what women and girls can contribute to the world when they are given a chance - their dreams can make holes in the sky. Lara collaborates with an extraordinary multi-generational group of female guest artists on this album, including the iconic singer / songwriter Judy Collins, boundary-breaking violinist Rachel Barton Pine, pianist Simone Dinnerstein, fast-rising cellist Ifetayo Ali-Landing, and the urban youth vocal ensemble Musicality.

NetNebraska is asking pianists 15 questions as part of a series. Some may have been borrowed or altered from some other questionnaires. Just a fun way to get to know current performers.   CLICK HERE to get to know Lara Downes