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Soul Flower is 'The Real McKelle'

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'Soul Flower,' Robin McKelle's new album on Sony Masterworks, set for release on June 11 might have called 'The Real McKelle.' "It's the record I've always dreamed of making" the singer says. McKelle who wrote most of the albums songs is true to it's title blending soul, blues, and R&B and showcasing not only her powerful expressive sound but also a great gift for devising familiar melodies that take hold immediately. McKelle also firmly puts her stamp on the project insisting on recognizing the backing band on the cover credit: Robin McKelle & The Flytones.

"I grew up listening to Nina Simone and Gladys Knight. I sang their classics and what I enjoy most today is building my own repertoire in that same soulful vein" McKelle says, as her lyrics delve into today's gloomy news. "You turn on the radio in the morning, you watch TV in the evening, and all you hear is crisis, crisis, crisis'. Wherever you are in the world the word is repeated ten thousand times a day, So I've tried to offer a take based on real life - people's experience, the everyday impression they have." The Rochester New York native does however end the session on a glamorous jazz note, with a cover of 'I'm A Fool To Want You' immortalized by Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday.