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AJC: Black History Month celebrates Ella Fitzgerald

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With a distinctive, sweet sound, the voice of Ella Fitzgerald is instantly recognizable. Her voice radiates joy. Her voice just makes you feel good. But before Fitzgerald became the First Lady of Song, she experienced great hardship - poverty, loss and homelessness. in a career that spanned six decades, Fitzgerald performed with big bands, symphony orchestras and small jazz groups, recording hundreds of songs, including better versions of many standards. Ira Gershwin once said, "I never knew how good our songs were until I heard Ella Fitzgerald sing them." Fitzgerald died in 1996. She was 79 years old. Her songs - her voice with clarity, depth and warmth - continue to endure and inspire.

Going from last April through April 2018, special celebrations, exhibits, tributes and concerts are being held around the globe to mark the 100th anniversary of Fitzgerald's birthday.

Throughout February, myAJC will spotlight a different African-American pioneer in the daily Living section Monday through Thursday and Saturday, and in the Metro section on Fridays and Sundays.   READ THE FULL ARTICLE