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Dom Flemons - Prospect Hill / Indy Week interview

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Dom Flemons holds a beer on the patio outside a Hillsborough bar, but he's too excited to take a drink. Each time the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist lifts his glass, another thought about a song on his new album, Prospect Hill, preempts the sip. He puts his beer back down.

"I feel, generally, records are so long, and they really require you to sit there and listen to every nuance," Flemons says, corroborating the attention deficit on display. "Sometimes it's nice to put a record on and just not pay attention. I tried to make it really easygoing."

Flemons wants you to have a good time hearing Prospect Hill. At just less than 40 minutes, its 14 tracks move from a trot to a gallop. Whether it's a classic string band cut or an early rock 'n' roll number, or one of his seven genre-bending originals, Flemons gets in, gives you the essence of the song, and gets out. Quick solos come in service of the tunes, not the soloists. Instrumentals offer a single serving of a hot groove. It's like flipping through radio stations on a road trip, or catching a band's first set and then moving on to further evening adventures at the break. READ THE FULL Indy Week INTERVIEW.