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Jonny Greenwood makes IndieWire's Top 12 most talented composers in film today

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In an age where special effects reign supreme, there's one aspect of the filmmaking process that hasn't gone through a radical transformation - music. Some of the best movies in any given year would be sorely lacking without their memorable scores, and this has remained true well into the first two decades of the 21st century. Film composers play an integral part in the filmmaking process, and there are a handful whose bodies of work stand out in recent years. Of course, this list of 12 major composers only begins to scratch the surface of the talent out there. There are plenty of other worthy contributors to the medium who didn't make the cut - Danny Elfman and John Williams, we're looking at you - but rest assured that this top dozen represent the cream of the crop.

Jonny Greenwood is a man of many hats, and luckily for us one of them is composing for TV and film. The Radiohead musician has found a robust second career composing for both film and television that capitalizes on his command of multiple instruments. Greenwood's use of tracked themes and pre-existing music mixed with fresh orchestral sounds always makes his work a thrill, irrespective of the movie he's working on. While the most famous example is his vibrant, unnerving compositions for Paul Thomas Anderson's "There Will Be Blood," "The Master," and "Inherent Vice," he's also responsible for the creepy score for Lynn Ramsay's "We Need to Talk About Kevin" and her upcoming surrealist crime caper "You Were Never Really Here."