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Kat Edmonson - The Big Picture / DigitalJournal

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Singer Kat Edmonson has built a solid audience for her unique, retro-meets-future sound. But that doesn't mean she cares a whole lot about genres. "I don't know that anyone should," she explains. The spritely 31-year-old Texas native is making a splash with her latest release, The Big Picture (Sony Masterworks), a work that embraces a variety of new and old sounds, from country to 1960s pop to rockabilly, jazz, folk, to what NPR calls "Brill Building songcraft."

Currently on tour, Edmonson has her own term for what she does: "vintage pop." It's a label that's been embraced by a variety of outlets to describe her sound, but the artist doesn't necessarily care about easy classification. As she told recently, she settled on the term "because that can apply to popular music of the ‘40s and ‘50s – which was jazz – or the ‘60s and ‘70s – which I think are the decades of which my music runs the gamut." READ THE FULL DigitalJournal ARTICAL & INTERVIEW