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fyi, Yo-Yo Ma is a Harvard Graduate / University Herald

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He is a known child prodigy. At the age of four, he already made his name with the violin and the viola. But Yo-Yo Ma also went to Harvard. Aside from the fact that he is famously known for the cello, Yo-Yo, according to The Richest, studied at Harvard. It was in 1976 that he earned his Bachelor's degree in Music. He is a celebrated soloist in several major orchestras in the whole world. On the record, he has received 15 Grammys and already has more than 90 albums to his name. To acknowledge his work in his field of study, he also received an honorary doctorate degree from his Alma Mater, Harvard, in 1991.

It is interesting to note that President Obama appointed Ma to serve on the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities. Ma's goal is to bring together talents from all over, diverse artists and musicians. In his efforts, he formed the Silk Road Ensemble and the Silk Road Connect - for children. He continues to make music in order to bring people and music together.