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DiGiCo channel count is immense for Hans Zimmer tour / AV Magazine

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The audio design for legendary films core composer Hans Zimmer tour evolved during preproduction and rehearsals, but what was clear from the start was that the console channel count was going to be immense. DiGiCo products were selected as the console capable of handling the shows. The tour's audio control system was designed by Britannia Row's Lez Dwight in conjunction with front of house engineer for the tour, Colin Pink, and monitor engineers Gavin Tempany and Jimmy Nicholson.  They chose two SD7s and an SD11. These, along with the rest of the audio system, were supplied by Britannia Row Productions.

"There's a 19-piece string and brass orchestra and a 16-piece choir," says Pink, "but because Hans jumps around genres so much, there's also a band and a lot of electronics involved which gives me a grand total of 262 inputs. There aren't many desks that can deal with that input count and we needed great flexibility in the system, so we went for the DiGiCo SD7 because of its functionality and great channel count." The different musical genres, with big changes happening quickly in the middle of pieces, make the style of mixing more akin to a theatre production than a concert, for which Pink has found the Snapshot facilities on the desks very useful.