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'The Wexford Carol' from Yo-Yo Ma and Friends, Songs of Joy & Peace makes WGBH: 'A Very Celtic Christmas' holiday playlist

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Curated by WGBH: Boston 'A Celtic Sojourn's' Brian O'Donovan Explore classic Celtic holiday essentials from including; 'The Wexford Carol' featuring: Alison Krauss, from Yo-Yo Ma and Friends, Songs of Joy & Peace.

Yo-Yo Ma brought together a remarkable group of friends to create a musical party inspired by the holiday season: Songs of Joy & Peace on Sony BMG Masterworks. This party celebrates the universal hopes, dreams and joy animating seasonal festivals the world over – Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid al-Adha, Kwanzaa, Yule and New Year's Day.  "It started with the idea of a party, a party built around the concept of joy and the infinite varieties of joy to be found in the world," Ma recalls.  "But joy can't exist in our world without the comfort of peace.  As we all draw closer and closer together in this world, nothing is more important.  So as much as the music in this album is about joy, it is also about peace, about the two operating in tandem.  I am really excited to know that I have all these fabulous colleagues who think the same way."