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'The List' profiles Cecilia Bartoli

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A name that is shared with the patron saint of music, even saying ‘Cecilia' out loud – with ch's and Italianate long eeee-type vowels – evokes the sound of music in the air. Add the surname Bartoli and an opera phenomenon is the result. Born in Rome, to parents who were both professional singers (her mother was her singing teacher), perhaps it was inevitable that Cecilia Bartoli would have a career in music. That it would be quite so stellar was less predictable.

Bartoli is one of the top best-selling classical artists of today, with more than ten million audio and video recordings sold worldwide. Without any gimmicky marketing ploys, her sales success has been the result of complete integrity in what she does and how well she does it. For Edinburgh International Festival audiences, the chance to hear her sing the title role of Norma in Bellini's tragic tale about the oppressed (ancient druids) and their oppressors (Romans) is second to none.