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Bryce Dessner's MusicNOW Festival / Cincinnati CityBeat

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When Bryce Dessner, guitarist for international Indie Rock stars The National, founded the MusicNOW Festival in 2006, he didn't necessarily envision the three-day Indie Rock-meets-experimental/Classical music event's growth potential. He simply invited some friends to his hometown with a thought toward entertaining himself and like-minded individuals.

Aware that MusicNOW could occur annually, he recognized lasting success would require perseverance.

"One thing I learned from having a music career, or any creative project, is you've got to give it time to develop, gestate and become meaningful," Dessner says from his new half-the-year home in Paris (France, not Kentucky). "To do something ambitious for a year or two or three is one thing, but 10 years is something else entirely. It was always my intention to stick with it, but it became something I really love doing."

MusicNOW 2015 features several new wrinkles, including MusicNOW - 10 Years, a compilation album of select performances recorded over the event's history, and the addition of a new venue, the recently revived Woodward Theater.

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