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Where is 6083 Janeirabloom tonight?

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Crossover Media's innovative soprano sax player: Jane Ira Bloom even has an asteroid named after her. 6083 Janeirabloom is a main-belt asteroid, discovered on September 25, 1984 by B. A. Skiff at the Anderson Mesa Station of Lowell Observatory. Issued on Feb. 11 1998, the Minor planet citation 6083 was named in Ms. Bllom's honor. She is the first musician commissioned by the NASA Art Program and has composed pieces such as: 'Most Distant Galaxy' and 'Einstein's Red/Blue Universe,' a commission from the American Composers' Orchestra. 

here's some important info:    6083 is in a 3.35-year elliptical orbit around the sun ranging in distance from 275.6 million km (at perihelion, closest point to the sun) to 394.8 million km (at aphelion, furthest point from the sun). The next perihelion passage will occur on 2015 Jan. 8.2 UT.The orbit is inclined by 5.7 degrees to the ecliptic plane (the plane of the earth's orbit about the sun). You will need a telescope to see it. The diagram in the photo shows the orbit  in relation to the major planets in the inner solar system.

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