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A dazzling Edinburgh showcase for Daniil Trifonov / The Telegraph

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Among many marvels of this recital was the chance to contemplate the beauty of Daniil Trifonov's hands. Most great pianists develop fat, muscular, bunch-of-banana fingers, but those of the prodigious 25-year-old Russian, inundated with superlatives since he took gold in the Tchaikovsky Competition in 2011, are exquisitely long and slender. Given the fearsome work-out they must receive daily, this seems worthy of note – the instrumentalist's equivalent of a star ballerina's willowy legs.

The phenomenon was particularly evident in the first item on his programme: Brahms's one–hand arrangement of the Chaconne from Bach's D minor violin Partita. As Trifonov's left engine did Trojan work on the keyboard, his right rested elegantly on his thigh, as if quietly waiting its turn. But there was no sense of confinement: five fingers were enough to make majestic musical architecture, building a grand arch across the piece, as Bach's noble baroque austerity met Brahms's enriched classical sensibility.