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Ron Carter plays Geneva Switzerland - Court of the City Hall / Le Temps

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He is believed to have contracted the air of wise ataraxique the cradle. If nobody sees old Ron Carter, appeared in majesty Monday in the Court of the City Hall of Geneva, this may be because no one has seen frolicking kid, rebellious teen or young musico excited.His music follows the same (lack of) curve: timeless, like all the gifts of heaven. Three bass notes to open the concert, and they overdose: all the jazz is there, that of yesterday and today, we take the bet, tomorrow.

Him, eyes closed, listening to the sound that lives and yet continues to amaze, and everything that revolves around the trio in the intimate telepathic cohesion. The other two - Russell Malone on guitar, Donald Vega on piano, the ascension - alert underlying vibrations, unspoken structuring of this great man to the aura of guru.

One thinks, for the formula and balance, the first trio of Oscar Peterson, but even more to those of Nat King Cole: Russell Malone has the sweetness of Oscar Moore more than the jets estomaquants notes Barney Kessel or Herb Ellis. And then changes his mind: this trio is not a "how to" (dub Nat King Cole, Malone did with Diana Krall). Ron Carter never had to set foot in a museum: the jazz he has no time to tell the others, this is the lesson he learned from his long passage (1963-1968) in the quintet ... "this guy named Miles Davis," as he recalled nicely Monday.