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Helene Grimaud - Water / Passion Musique et Culture review

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The French philosopher Gaston Bachelard (1884-1962), to whom we owe an essay on the poetic imagination entitled Water and Dreams (1942), wrote: "Water is the mistress of the fluid language, of shockless language, continuous language that softens  rhythm, which gives a uniform material at different rates." I think he would have been delighted, as much  as I was, listening to this wonderful program, dedicated to the theme of water, and built around a concept that brings together not only some jewels from classical piano literature but also electronic soundscapes. 

This record production should hopefully deserve discussions among all circles passionately fond of aesthetic syncretism which opens up new perspectives and perceptions revitalizing, offering keys to unsuspected poetic imagination. In no way tout opportunism here but rather a happy collaboration between a gifted classical pianist and multi-instrumentalist producer of pop music (Nitin Sawhney), an adventure inspired by a Scottish artist Douglas Gordon exhibition entitled "Tears Become ... Streams Become ... " in the Thompson Drill Hall room of the Park Avenue Armory (New York). Before the disc, Hélène Grimaud participated in this immersive experience where music and art gallery installation worshiped water as source of life and firmed our environmental concern to her. Only after this experience has she decided by her own account  "to follow it up by a sound recording."

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