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ELDAR at Namm 2017

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The New York Times described the New York based pianist and Grammy-nominated artist Eldar Djangirov as "a blend of musical intelligence, organizational savvy, enthusiasm and prowess that was all the more impressive for seeming so casual...  an ebullient impressionist."  Dr. Billy Taylor said, "Eldar Djangirov's playing shows brilliancy, complexity, and discipline...  he's serious about his music, he's thoughtful about what he does."  Jazz Times said, "Maybe he made a pact with Lucifer to be the greatest pianist ever."  Praised as "a genius beyond most young people I've heard" by Dave Brubeck.  Downbeat magazine stated that "his command of his instrument is beyond staggering." 

ELDAR attebded this year's Namm 2017 show.      WACTH HIM PLAY