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Freshly Popped Culture reimagines 'The Leftovers' music / Rare

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The good folks over at Freshly Popped Culture have been having some fun with the soundtrack to HBO's drama "The Leftovers."  They've taken composer Max Richter's wonderfully haunting score - particularly the track "The Quality of Mercy," which plays during the show's most devastating moments - and added it to other, less dramatic scenes from the world of cinema. Unsurprisingly, it makes even comedic moments like the "Anchorman" scene seem like intense dramatic scenes. WATCH

But they didn't stop there. They also added the music to scenes that are already pretty depressing, like Mufasa's death in "The Lion King." The result is a horrifically emotional animated scene that baffles the brain and leaves the viewer in a fragile state of mind. You're going to need a hug after watching this one. WATCH