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Bill Frisell - When You Wish Upon A Star / all about jazz review

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While jazz and interpretation are hardly strange bedfellows, few musicians have managed to be both as deeply reverent to his source music and profoundly personal and in his approach as guitarist Bill Frisell. That's not to suggest his re-imaginings of other composers' works have been anything remotely approaching predictable; as early as his first "covers" record, Have a Little Faith (Elektra/Nonesuch, 1993), Frisell managed to create a congruent program out of disparate sources ranging from Aaron Copland, John Phillip Sousa and Charles Ives to Sonny Rollins, Muddy Waters, Madonna, John Hiatt and Bob Dylan. Subsequent albums, like All We Are Saying... (Savoy Jazz, 2011), may have been far more focused in their source material but, as Frisell demonstrated when he brought that John Lennon tribute music to the 2012 TD Ottawa Jazz Festival, he possesses a rare ability to truly get to the heart of the music while still imbuing it with his often idiosyncratic musical dispositions...and an ever-unabashed love of all music that has made him one of the most important guitarists and conceptualists of his any genre. 

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