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A fine Pine Paganini panini piece on 90.9 WRCJ - Detroit

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Interview with WRCJ's Chris Felcyn

Rachel Barton Pine's Bel Canto Paganini: 24 Caprices and other Works for Solo Violin is a musical tightrope of works that samples virtually all of the most challenging techniques possible on the violin.  Pine's 35th album, the disc on Avie Records, includes all 24 Caprices, as well as Paganini's Introduction and Variations on ‘Nel cor più non mi sento from Paisiello's La molinara; Duet for One, and Caprice d'adieu. Pine marks the profound influence Paganini's compositions have had on her by concluding the album with her own Introduction, Theme and Variations on ‘God Defend New Zealand, inspired by Paganini's legacy of creating virtuosic themes and variations.

90.9 WRCJ: Detroit, Classical Host - Chris Felcyn spoke with RBP about the recording. The segment will air on Thursday, June 15 at 3pm on The Well-Tempered Wireless. Chris commented that the interview turned out really well, including lunch and maybe a splash of Bill Evans, it's be the Fine Pine Paganini Panini Peace Piece."  Listen to the attached interview