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Yo-Yo Ma urges Dartmouth grads to use power wisely / NEW HAMPSHIRE Union Leader

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Renowned musician Yo-Yo Ma reminded Dartmouth College students of the power they have, and the need to harness that power. "You will always have more power than you know. Never abuse this power; it is a gift," Ma said. "Use it with great care and intention." Ma, the Grammy award-winning cellist, was this year's commencement speaker, and he received an honorary degree from the school for his artistic and humanitarian work. Ma told the graduates they will soon be leading lives that involve the use of power, whether that is in medicine, business or within a family, and that the decisions they make will have a deep impact on those around them. "Power isn't something we're born with knowing how to use," he said. "There's no guide for using power with restraint."

More than 1,900 degrees were awarded Sunday to the graduating students at Dartmouth College, who gathered on the campus commons in the June sunshine. The college estimates that more than 11,000 people were in attendance for the commencement. The senior class includes students from 46 states as well as the District of Columbia, and students from China, the United Kingdom, Korea and Canada.