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Gustavo Santaolalla - Camino / PopMatters review

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Ronroco was Argentinian composer Gustavo Santaolalla's last instrumental solo album, back in 1998. And although Ronroco was critically acclaimed, Santaolalla didn't want to rush the process of making the next one. He let the music come to him piece by piece over the years until he felt that he was prepared to record an album. Camino turned out to be that album, and it's a very personal one. For people familiar with Santaolalla's name, the art of a small and personal recording goes against his current credentials somewhat. He has won two Academy Awards for his scores to Brokeback Mountain and Babel, won two Latin Grammys as a producer, and even had a songs appear in a Louis Vuitton campaign ad and in the Sony PlayStation game The Last of Us. Lately, Santaolalla has been busy scoring August Osage County, On the Road, and a stage production of Pan's Labyrinth. His music can be heard all over the world, it seems. But Camino finds him turning inward, transforming himself into a one-man band making an album with only him in mind as an audience. And you probably have never heard a one-man band quite like Gustavo Santaolalla. READ THE FULL PopMatters REVIEW.