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Simone Dinnerstein interview with NET Nebraska

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Interview with NET Nebraska's Gen Randall

Simone Dinnerstein's new Sony Classical album, Mozart in Havana, may be the pianist's most ambitious to date. A testament to music's ability to cross all cultural and language barriers, for the recording, Dinnerstein collaborated with the virtuosic Havana Lyceum Orchestra to perform Mozart's Piano Concerto Nos. 21 and 23.  In one sense, Mozart in Havana is a return to Dinnerstein's origins as a musician. Her connection with Cuba started early with Solomon Mikowsky, a Cuban émigré who became her piano teacher when she was nine. Mikowsky would tell stories of his childhood in Cuba and the country's many musical influences. Dinnerstein recalls, "I learned so much from Solomon, and one thing was that a musical culture is not something you have to be born to but something you can choose."

NET Nebraska's Gen Randall spoke with SD about the new album. Listen to the attached interview