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Stream 'The Times of Harvey Milk' from George Winston's new album 'Restless Wind' / JAZZIZ

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Pianist George Winston is among today's most popular interpreters of American song, celebrated for turning sociological observations on American culture into compositions that weave a beautiful tapestry of folk, early jazz, R&B and contemporary classical. His singular instrumental style, which he has termed "rural folk piano," has been resonating with audiences around the world for more than four decades. Several of his albums - including the essential Autumn, Winter Into Spring and December - achieved platinum status in the United States, generating sales in the millions and serving as a point of entry for Winston's large and passionate fanbase.

At 70 years old, Winston, who still maintains a rigorous touring schedule of more than 100 shows per year, continues to add chapters to his inspiring musical story. On May 3, he will release his 15th solo piano album, Restless Wind, via Dancing Cat Records/RCA Records. JAZZIZ is proud to premiere the track "The Times of Harvey Milk" CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. The tune commemorates the 35th Anniversary of the film The Times of Harvey Milk (1984), which featured an original score by Mark Isham. Here, Winston renders the song in a stunning new light courtesy of his signature muted left-hand piano technique and a brilliant new chord progression.