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Kat Edmonson plays Dallas' Kessler Theatre / Fort Worth Star Telegram

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Houston native Kat Edmonson played Dallas' Kessler Theatre last Friday the 13th, and the talented singer-songwriter once again showed her ability to improvise and do it well displaying the freedom to go anywhere in a tune. Now making her her home in Brooklyn NY, Edmonson has carved out a successful career as vocalist, who, not unlike a certain other Lone Star export, Norah Jones, has found freedom in the genre's surprising elasticity. 

Edmonson's latest CD - The Big Picture on Sony Masterworks, is the impetus for her current tour, and the album's freewheeling, melting pot sensibility was on full display Friday throughout her 80-minute set. With a well-oiled quartet at her back (multi-instrumentalist Laura Scarborough, shifting from vibraphone to accordion to piano to melodica with aplomb, was a particular stand-out), the 31-year-old Edmonson moved through her own material, along with the songs of others, displaying prodigious range and acute sensitivity. 

Hers is a somewhat controversial voice, inspiring either fervent devotion or instant disdain. As a card-carrying member of the former camp, Edmonson's mellifluous, multi-octave vocals hit my ears like a shot of gin: astringent, clean and wholly intoxicating.  That voice can surprise you, caressing with restrained tenderness, but capable of leaping up to the lights above, or roaring forth, flooding the room, as it did during the climax of Avion.  READ THE FULL Fort Worth Star Telegram REVIEW