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Lang Lang in Paris / Classicalite Q&A

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The classical crossover smash, Lang Lang, has released his most recent disc to date, Lang Lang in Paris. The LP is heavily rooted in the pianist's affinity for Chopin and Tchaikovsky. In the package is an exclusive performance from Lang Lang in the Hall of Mirrors at the Chateau de Versailles in Paris, also--where he feels the music is most authentic and where he felt the pieces were presented most accurately.

Lang Lang has become a global sensation. If you aren't familiar with him, he collaborated with Metallica at the 2014 Grammy awards and performed at the United Nations' 69th birthday in the General Assembly here in New York. But his latest project reflects a more delicate side to the musician, one central to Romanticism, which is omnipresent in Paris.

Those pieces that he was most partial to sharing, Mr. Lang Lang felt they were amplified by the unique resonance only found in the Chateau de Versailles. And so a video of that special performance was included with the disc.

Dubbed as the world's foremost classical pianist, Lang Lang is perhaps also one of the world's foremost interpreters of Chopin. To wit, his 2012 Chopin Album is his best-selling Sony LP to date. Tchaikovsky, too, shares a special history with the performer.

Having premiered his Making of... preview for Lang Lang in Paris, Classicalite was able to get some words from L.L. about the disc, his Hall of Mirrors performance and how he feels for Chopin and Tchaikovsky in Paris.  READ THE Classicalite Q&A