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Cecilia Bartoli receives the Polar Music Prize / Deutsche Welle

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How does a soprano screw in a light bulb? She stands on the ladder, holds up the bulb - and the world revolves around her. Along the lines of that old musicians' joke, Cecilia Bartoli is the anti-diva, the antithesis of the singer who's either overweight or anorexic, lives only in, by and for the art and - depending on the severity of her neurotic episodes - tends to cancel on short notice. Hard-working and with both feet on the ground, gregarious and sociable, with an apparently healthy emotional and private life and a love of discovery, this mezzo-soprano defies the clichés. Karajan, Barenboim and Harnoncourt were the big names Bartoli didn't need to court in her early years: they, instead, actively sought her out.

Having turned 50 on June 4, Bartoli remains one of the world's most sought-after operatic stars and has sold over 10 million recordings - even conquering territory in the international pop charts. Adding to her collection of 10 Echos and five Grammys, she now takes the Polar Music Prize, which comes with a cash award of one million Swedish crowns ($119,000) and is handed over on Thursday (16.06.16) in Stockholm's Konserthuset by Swedish King Carl XVI Gustav.

Founded by ABBA's manager, the Polar Prize goes Italian opera singer and anti-diva Cecilia Bartoli, a true all-rounder in the music world. Katy Perry composer Max Martin takes home the pop award.  READ THE FULL Deutsche Welle ARTICLE