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Dom Flemons premieres new album Prospect Hill on USA Today

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Dom Flemons, a founding member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, goes solo with his new album Prospect Hill.

Prospect Hill, premiering at USA Today, will be released July 22 via Music Maker Relief Foundation. It's Flemons' third solo album, but his first since leaving the Grammy-winning string band last fall.

"I wanted to show people the other parts of my repertoire that I never really got to showcase in the Chocolate Drops," Flemons says. "Working with them, I've picked up quite a few different tunes in my own personal research. On this record, I tried to bring up tunes that showed my own talents as a musician. I also dusted off some tunes I've written over the past several years."

Where the Chocolate Drops focused on one style of music, Flemons takes a broader approach on Prospect Hill, an album that encompasses folk tunes, ragtime, early jazz and rock and roll and fife-and-drum music

"For my own record, I've let myself be a lot looser about my style," Flemons says. In his original tune Till the Seas Run Dry, for instance, "I tried to show off New Orleans jazz in the era before the Hot Five. I Can't Do That Anymore - I used to play a lot of old rock 'n' roll, '40s R&B. Those were things I couldn't ever do in a string band. It just didn't fit the style." READ THE FULL USA Today ARTICLE.