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Ron Davis: SYMPHronica - WHLI - Artist Of the Week

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Artist Of the Week Interview

Ron Davis' latest recording: Symphronica (Acronym/Universal Music np. 41816765) fuses jazz piano and the symphony orchestra into groundbreaking, irresistible, music. WHLI - Long Island NY: Paul Richards was so taken with the album he made it his choice for  'Artist of The Week."

Original. Rich. Multi-layered. Symphronica is tuneful. It's groovy. Musical worlds collide. It's the jazz trio integrated into the orchestral palette. Jazzfused new symphonic music. Not jazz with orchestral accompaniment. Not jazzed-up classical. A jazz - classical mashup.

Symphronica is made up of nine tunes. Six are originals by internationally celebrated pianist-composer Davis. One is a rollicking Québec fiddle tune. Another is a haunting Sephardic melody. Plus a gorgeous arrangement of some Bach.

In bringing Symphronica to life, Davis worked with gifted, edge arrangers. They came up with a masterly blend of his classic jazz trio with a full orchestra that grabs the listener from the outset.

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Davis is joined on Symphronica by his first-call jazz trio colleagues Mike Downes (bass) and Ted Warren (drums). Davis also had the rare opportunity to collaborate on the recording with the world-renowned conductor John Morris Russell. Leading the Windsor Symphony Orchestra on the recording, Russell brings excitement and passion to the music.

Recording an orchestra is a rare and refined skill. For Symphronica, Davis worked with one of the most gifted producers and engineers anywhere, Dennis Patterson. He has captured an orchestral sound that is alive and detailed. There is a brilliance to the sound of Symphronica that only a talent as huge as Dennis Patterson could have achieved.

For Ron Davis, Symphronica is a dream come true- returning to his classical roots, having built his renown as a jazz pianist and composer. Symphronica is different and it's familiar. Concert music. Crossover. Rich. Entertaining. Innovative tunes, hummable tunes. Tomorrow's standards. - See more at: