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Angele Dubeau and La Pieta Turn From Film to Games

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Ang?le Dubeau & La Piet?: Angry Birds Theme

          Angele Dubeau, one of Canada's premier violinists, and her all-female string orchestra are bringing a classical flair to some of their favorite video game music.  After last years release "A Time For Us," which covered music from popular movies by composers like Howard Shore and John Williams, the group has turned its sights to the gaming world. "I have always strived to interest young people in classical music because I feel it has the power to touch everyone. Seeing the passion of young people for video games, I wanted to understand the secrets of their success and to evaluate their musical value," says Dubeau.

            And so in their latest release, aptly titled "Game Music," Dubeau and company are covering the themes to all manner of video games. From the iconic Tetris theme (itself already an arrangement of classical music from both Russian tradition and Johann Bach) to the theme from the iPhone's breakout hit Angry Birds the group has covered a wide range of gamer music. Avoiding some of the more obvious hokey themes that get trapped in gamers heads (think Mario) the group has instead focused on games with already beautiful soundtracks such as Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed, and Halo 3. "I wanted to avoid distorting [the songs], and my intention has been to preserve the form that initially won over video game aficionados while at the same time breathing new life into them."