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Rick Cutler talks 'Women & Children' with 1015The Hawk

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Interview with 101.5 The Hawk

Women & Children is Rick Cutler's fifth album. An album which he produced, that expands on his previous work by including ensembles of different sizes, from solo to quintet. Women & Children is rich with jazz, classical as well as folk influences. All of the pieces are written by Cutler with the exception of Time, written by Tom Waits. His process, for the most part, is to write a piece without any thought as to who or what inspiration is involved. When it's finished, he'll play it a few times and try to get an idea for a title. It usually comes from either what thoughts or feelings come to mind or something regarding the mood or form of the piece.

Cutler plays drums on One For Ed, Dee Too and Paris After Midnight. On these, he has Mark Soskin on piano who was Sonny Rollins' pianist for decades.

He spoke to The Hawk 101.5 about the recording. Listen to the attached interview