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Renee Fleming - Distant Light / KUCI review

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New in the KUCI Classical Library - Renee Fleming -  Distant Light   - (Decca) 

Soprano Fleming is noted not only for the pureness of her tone but for the broadness of her repertoire. Performing here with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic, Sakari Oramo, conductor, she takes on Samuel Barber's "Knoxville: Summer of 1915", contemporary Swedish composer Anders Hillborg's , "The Strand Settings", and three Bjork tunes, "Virus", "Joga", and "All Is Full of Love". These works, although resolutely modern, hew deeply to the Romantic tradition. For me, the most interesting musically is the Hillborg piece, which like Stephen Sondheim's music, feels like the currents of the subconscious mind seep up to the surface to inundate our perceptions.    

READ THE REVIEW by: Hobart Taylor