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John Scofield - Country For Old Men / PopMatters review

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Old reliable. It goes anywhere. Starts right up the moment you turn the key and, boy, does it get you there. Smooth ride, and there's a little kick from the engine when you need it - some growl, some power, ready to do some work in the passing lane as necessary. That's guitarist John Scofield - not a young upstart like he was in the 1970s with Gerry Mulligan or the Billy Cobham/George Duke Band. Not the engine of mature fire who powered Miles Davis's best 1980s band. Heck, you could argue that he's no longer the mid-life master who teamed up with saxophonist Joe Lovano to helm the hippest jazz quartet of the 1990s. "Sco" is almost 65, what used be called retirement age, and his new record addresses the age thing up front via a play on the Cormac McCarthy book title Country for Old Men.