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Laila Biali gets funky on 'Out of Dust' / Vancouver Sun

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Laila Biali planned to introduce fans to her new album, Out of Dust, in a live setting. Coronavirus might have put the kibosh on her May 2 concert at Pyatt Hall and a planned cross-country tour, but that isn't halting the March 27 record release date. As the Juno award winning jazz artist says, nobody knows what the future holds. "Some people advised putting the release on hold, but at this stage everything has been put in motion. How can you tie in to touring when there is no telling how long this might go on? None of us know, and this baby is ready to be born. "

Featuring 10 originals and one cover song, Out of Dust is one of the most meaningful recordings of the Vancouver-born and raised jazz singer and pianist's career.

Biali's eighth album was written during extremely difficult times. Not only did she lose a family member and one of her closest friends, but she received a dual diagnosis of two autoimmune disorders. All of this happened in rapid succession, which didn't make managing potentially career-altering changes any easier.