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John Scofield: 'Uberjam Deux' makes JAZZ2K: CD Pick for January

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WSPN: Saratoga Springs NY - Jazz2K Radio Show returns to the airwaves tonight (Tuesday, January 7), and among the five pieces of goodness you're going to hear as they wind our way through the first weeks of 2014 is John Scofield: Uberjam Deux (Decca/emArcy). here's JHunter's review


Forget the rules about sequels that we got from "Scream II": The real first rule about sequels is that they usually suck – lookin' at you, "Die Hard (insert Roman numeral here)." Happily, Scofield follows the lead of "Aliens" and "The Two Towers," making this sequel to the guitarist's 2002 Verve release Uberjam both a logical extension from the original and a kickass good time! True, Scofield's never really been away from this style, what with his presence on the Jam Band festival scene and his brilliant collaborations with Medeski Martin & Wood. Even so, having crunchy morsels like "Boogie Stupid" and "Al Green Song" definitely warms things up on a really cold day.