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Wanna present classical music in Boston?

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A note from WGBH: Boston....At WCRB, we are always looking for fill-in hosts who are engaging speakers, are knowledgeable about classical music, and have flexible schedules. This is a great opportunity for a classical music fan with a passion for expanding the audience for classical music and an appreciation for radio. This is a fill-in, as-needed position, with the possibility of up to 25 hours per week. We're seeking all ranges of experience, from the newcomer to the seasoned professional.

The Radio Announcer must be an appealing on-air presenter of classical music with a friendly, conversational delivery. S/he should execute station-generated programming or make music selections in accordance with station policy. Must be able to learn and use broadcast software. Familiarity with classical music and radio broadcast knowledge preferred, but not required.

Intrigued? if so   CLICK HERE FOR WCRB: Boston positions for a Classical Radio Announcer