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Caroline Shaw's 'And So,' performed by PBO with ASVO makes CapRadio - Ear To Ear

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No doubt, you've heard some new music in rotation lately on KXPR - music that seemingly stands a bit outside of what you are used to hearing on the classical station.  There's no question that the standard European repertory that we've come to associate with classical music is important. The music is beautiful, powerful, and well, classic. But there's a whole world of amazing and unique classical music either rarely presented or being created right now across the globe. On KXPR, we want to bring you examples of the diverse face of classical music today. Among our few examples of the broad classical music reach we're spinning, from Manhattan (New York OR Kansas) to Mumbai is....

Caroline Shaw - "And So" - Performed by the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra & Anne Sophie von Otter. I just love how this song begins: A harpsichord and a voice, that's all. The way that something so simple can command your attention is a testament to how great a composer Caroline Shaw is. 

She utilizes the rest of the orchestra very carefully as they pluck their way through the second verse, all the while momentum builds in the stunning mezzo-soprano voice of opera star Anne Sophie von Otter. Caroline Shaw is an expert at writing gorgeous melodies that weave through unique textures in the ensemble. "And So" is part of a larger song cycle called "Is A Rose" that juxtaposes 18th and 21st-century poetry and music.

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