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Katarzyna Musial - Come Dance With Me / WCRB: CD Of the Week

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Polish-Canadian pianist Katarzyna Musial's "Come Dance With Me" is an invitation to a unique and global rhythmic journey full of literal and figurative twists. In a rich and varied program, she presents 28 different dances- musical snapshots of various folklores and cultures imbued with her own style and panache. The album itself dances with showcases from Argentinian, Andalusian, French, Cuban, Catalonian, Québécois, Polish, and American composers, and viscerally transports listeners around the world, and home again.

With several world tours under her belt, the Steinway artist has crafted an album that combines what the Chicago Classical Review has called "major talent" and "astounding technique" with a genuine exuberance, creating a global musical experience that is nothing short of action packed.

It is clear from the sheer variety of selections, and the joy with which she explores them, that Musial has an instinct for music that cherishes formal categories, boundaries, and cultural identities while transcending them. "Come Dance With Me" transitions seamlessly between the outgoing and flamboyant music of Ginastera or Lecuona, and the more contemplative pieces of Olivier Messiaen in a wonderful, if surprising, conversation. 

Katarzyna Musial's 'Come Dance With Me' is the WCRB: Boston - CD Of the Week