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Rachel Barton Pine records 'headbanger' concerto / New Classical Tracks

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What happens when you have hall and a producer reserved and ready to go, and your musical collaborator has to back out at the last minute? If you're violinist Rachel Barton Pine, you find a new collaborator, and you record two concertos that have been on your bucket list for a long time. Teddy Abrams and the Scottish National Orchestra join Rachel on her 39th recording, which features violin concertos by Antonin Dvorak and Aram Khachaturian.

The violinist said: "The Dvorak and Khachaturian are both ones that I've performed frequently over the years. And they were both on my list of things I hoped to record in my lifetime, but I'd never thought of putting them together. I happened to be playing both of them that same season. It really struck me that both of them were very inspired by Eastern European folk music and had that wonderful flavor infusing them. And I thought they would go really well together. So that's how it happened. Very, very spontaneous."